I am now offering Crystal Therapy Healing Sessions on animals!

The session will take place in the animals own home/stable/field to keep the animal feeling safe in it’s familiar surroundings. I am a qualified Advanced Crystal Therapist and I have 9 years experience working on humans, horses, cats and dogs with amazing results. Animals are really sensitive to crystals and energy work and feel really relaxed afterwards. The animal will need to be laying or standing somewhere quiet in a relaxed state ideally after exercise. The sessions will take 30 minutes.

Using various techniques, crystal therapy works in exactly the same way as it does on humans by balancing the chakra system and cleansing the aura. Tools are used to find the energy blocks/pain points then crystals are used to help remove the blocks. Different crystals are then used to help heal and improve the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of the animal.

Using healing crystals can help with performance, joints, respiratory, circulatory, digestion, fear, anxiety, hormonal and compulsive behavior issues and even heal wounds and inflammation. Advice on using particular crystals for the animal will be given after the session.

I offer a consultation before the session via messages to dicuss the ailments you would like to work on.

Please message for prices, more information or to book a session.

Please keep in mind that alternative health care modalities should never be a substitute for conventional veterinary care. All illnesses and injuries should be evaluated by your veterinarian. Always discuss alternative health care with your veterinarian before starting treatment.