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What are the best crystals for a peaceful sleep?

By 22 January 2018May 1st, 2019Crystal Therapy

Amethyst is often recommended for sleep problems and insomnia. I have always been baffled by people saying that Amethyst is the best crystal for peaceful sleep!

When I tried this I think I had some of the worst sleep of my life. It is true that Amethyst is cleansing and calming for meditation but other properties are not supportive during sleep time. Amethyst is a very spiritual stone and carries high vibration energies which are very stimulating.

It activates the upper chakras, like the third eye and crown chakras, both activate the mind and psychic states. That’s great for dream work, lucid dreaming and astral projection but not for a peaceful nights sleep!

At night it is just a bit too strong for most people. Amethyst is okay in the bedroom, just not too close to your bed, head or upper chakras while you sleep.

Dark stones such as black tourmaline and smoky quartz will aid a better sleep as they cleanse the body of negativity. Ideally placed just below the feet in the earth centre.

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