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Why do blocked chakras cause pain?

By January 20, 2018 Crystal Therapy

A blocked chakra over time can cause a physical pain anywhere in the body and also lead onto a serious illness or disease. For example, If you suffer with a bad left shoulder all the time, this is probably a blocked Throat chakra or even a blocked Solar Plexus as they are both linked to each other. The left side relates to the female/yin emotional side. The right is the masculine/yang/anger. So the issue could be a problem with a female or some heavy emotional sadness that needs releasing. The right side might be pent up anger that has been held in for too long.

So if there is something you aren’t expressing (as the old saying goes) biting your lip for example, then this block of energy will come out as pain physically until it is released i.e crying or shouting it out or expressing it to the person. This is when the pain will stop!

The moral of the story is LET IT OUT don’t hold any emotions in because they will fester and turn into something ugly.

If you still feel blocked and can’t let your emotions out, having crystal therapy sessions can also achieve this. Sometimes we need a little help to clear our blocks and balance our energy, if the issue has been held in a long time it may take a few sessions to reach the main block. Like peeling an onion we have layers of energy with emotions stored in them like a computer hard drive. Sometimes we need to remove layers to finally release the old wounding or memory that has become stuck in a pattern. The longer it has been there the longer it may take to clear! The more aura clearing you have the more it is possible to reach a clear hard drive!

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