Can crystals help our pets?

By 3 March 2018May 1st, 2019Crystal Therapy

I have often used crystals on dogs, cats and my horse. The results have been amazing! Animals love natural therapies! Here are just some of the crystals that can help!

Clear Quartz is known for its amplification and transformation benefits. It can enhance levels of vitality, alleviate emotional extremes, speed up healing, and boost the immune system. It’s also very helpful in reducing pain and inflammation.

Amber, although not really a crystal (it’s fossilised tree resin), is known for both its calming and energising effects. It’s regarded as protective, detoxifying and purifying. This is one of the crystals to consider for dogs with allergies, respiratory or digestive issues or chronic infections of any kind. It’s a wonderful option for older arthritic animals, bringing a sense of calm and positivity.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family and has a reputation of “ease.” Amethyst is a must have for easing grief after losing a loved one or for use during the dying process. It can ease fear, panic attacks and separation anxiety. Amethyst is noted for its stress reducing abilities.

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protector. Our dogs are like little sponges and pick up our energies and others in the environment, whether emotional or physical. This crystal is especially helpful for the dog who spends a lot of time in human company. Think black tourmaline for skeletal problems, muscle strains and pains, and hormone imbalances.

Selenite has wonderful physical healing properties such as releasing tightness and soreness anywhere in the body while aiding in flexibility. Selenite has an affinity to the spinal column, helping with alignment, and some say it’s helpful for those with seizures. Place a piece of selenite under the dogs bed for relaxing sleep. Make sure they can’t chew it and be aware, selenite dissolves when wet!

Most stones are best put safely under their bed, inside bedding or even as a pendant on the collar (be careful it’s not of a choking hazard!) Horses can generally benefit by using crystals in a healing session where various techniques are applied.

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