Blue Calcite Heart


Blue Calcite purifies and cleanses energies, including the clearing of old energetic patterns within the surrounding space. You don’t even need to have the stone in your hands for its magic to stimulate change. However, these weighty blue calcite hearts feel so nice to the touch.
Blue Calcite hearts have so many uses a great stone for holding in meditation. Place one on your desk at work to attract calming energies. Leave one, or a few of these blue calcite hearts, in your kids’ rooms to bring in the peace. Blue calcite also works a powerful magic on the Third Eye Chakra, so you can hold it there during meditation to open up your inner eye to divine wisdom and revelation. Blue Calcite also amplifies energy within the Throat Chakra and removes communication blocks. It brings clarity and calm to all communication, filling your viewpoint with optimism and positivity.

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