Lithium Candle Quartz


Candle Quartz also known as Pineapple Quartz or Atlantean Lovestar is a heart stone, It can open, balance and soothe the heart chakra. Lightworkers will be able to use this crystal to its fullest potential. Ancient knowledge from Atlantis is said to be brought by the Candle Quartz. Candle Quartz Crystals have high energy, they also ground energy so the energy of the higher planes can be brought into reality and every day life. ‘Stone of Lift’, helps to lift away depression, negative thought and feeling , as well as being a natural purifier for different sources. Lithium Quartz assists the being thorough any battle in the lifting and removing of depression and its associates such as anxiety and reoccurring negative thought. This stone lifts away built up seemingly trapped negativity in its numerous forms, reporting and sending it back to the universe to be cleansed and healed as necessary. By simply holding and rubbing lithium quartz in your hand, it will naturally sync up with all seven chakras. You can feel the energy flowing from your hands, and coursing through both your auric and physical body. Having this stone with you is an instant way to relax and restore your spirit.

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