Raw Petalite


Petalite can be used for ADD, ADHD, excessive worry or stress, and other instances of overactive ego-mind. It is helpful in regulating blood pressure and countering anxiety attacks.

Petalite aids healing of the endocrine system. It is useful for the treatment of AIDS and cancer. Petalite benefits cells, eyes, lungs, muscular spasms. and the intestines. ​Petalite supports you when the chemicals in your brain are out of whack and you are going through a manic period. With this stone in hand, set the intention to balance your brain physiology.

It is particularly useful for ancestral and family healing. Petalite is soothing and healing for the emotional body. It is excellent for healing all types of emotional trauma but is particularly valuable for overcoming abuse/victim patterns. It is an ideal protective stone for children overcoming abuse, or who are having difficulty in maintaining their centres in the face of bullying. Petalite brings a frequency of calm self-acceptance and self-love. Its calming qualities can be attributed to its Lithium content. Lithium allows for the calming and balancing of traumatised emotions and energies.

With its mood supporting lithium content, petalite helps balance the emotions by keeping mood swings at bay, especially in romantic relationships. Let this stone remind you to invite and invoke angelic assistance to feel safe.

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