Rose Quartz Large Pebble


Rose Quartz is known as the Stone of Love.

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It is a stone for the heart as it opens the Heart Chakra. It teaches us about love on all levels, self love, romantic love, love for all humankind. It can help draw in new love or relationships. It can strengthen a bond that already exists. It encourages self forgiveness. It can help to heal a “broken heart.” Placing a large piece of Rose Quartz in the home can harmonise existing relationships or bring in new love.

Wearing a Rose Quartz pendant over the heart chakra is also beneficial for healing a broken heart and encouraging self love. Ladies can also carry a piece in your bra as it is close to the heart centre.

Carrying a piece in your pocket can also be very effective.

All pieces will need regular cleansing as they work very hard to remove negative emotions!


  1. VaLlarey (verified owner)

    I am in love with my Rose Quartz Large Palm Stone. Whom I call Tiana. I feel so much love and healing from her. She is very smooth and round, not flat like I expected, which appeals to me even more. I call her my mama stone. I have carried her with me and I circulate her around in my fingers. I can feel her energy and the vibes she gives me are pure love. She is worth every penny.

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