Vanadinite on Barite


Vanadinite on Barite Specimens! Vanadinite is a gemstone associated with the Fire Element and creates a flame of passion from within. Vanadinite is a stone that encourages you to use your creativity & imagination to solve problems and create new paths in your journey. Vanadinite helps you clear negativity from your life and welcome positive power. This crystal gives you a positive boost during energy work. Vanadinite has often been used in invigorating sexual energy and helping you express your sexual energy. Barite is a wonderful crystal for helping you get in touch with your true self and achieving your true goals in life. Barite encourages you to be at your best and use all the gifts & abilities you possess to secure success. Barite is great to work with to strengthen your psychic abilities and sharpen your intuitive thoughts and revealations. When slept near, Barite can encourage lucid dreams. Barite resonates with all of your Chakras.

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