My love affair with crystals began when a friend offered to take me to a crystal shop for a look around. I had been suffering with extreme anxiety and a panic disorder for a long time and as we walked in I felt a surge of pressure hit my chest. After being told that crystals are very powerful and you can feel the energy, I was given some to hold.

I was given two small black tourmaline fairly unattractive tumble stones. I was shocked as my anxiety started to ease and I became relaxed for the first time in a long time. I decided to buy one small stone and my addiction began!

I went to sleep that night holding this small black stone and I can honestly say I could almost feel the negative thoughts leave my soul. Waking up every day without the anxious thoughts was such a relief! I knew I was onto something here and as a reluctant pill taker I knew there had to be another remedy!

The next addition to my crystal babies was a clear quartz point. I was now reading up and researching about these amazing gems and what powers they hold. By this point I knew I wanted to learn more and decided to book onto an advanced crystal healing diploma course. It took me a while to find a reputable one, but once I did I fell in love with crystal healing and never looked back!

After an intense year of training and lots of healing I felt cleared of any anxiety or panic, and I went on to complete my Advanced Crystal Therapy certificate in 2015.

I decided to set up a cosy treatment room in my summerhouse and as clients are always asking where they can find crystals to buy, I also decided to set up a user friendly online shop!

I thought I would share with you my crystal journey so far and hope you will try it one day and see how amazing these gems of the earth really are and how overlooked they are. They really do work wonders on pain, emotional upset and life long ailments! Crystals are life changing!