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If you are looking for a social gathering that’s a bit different, we are excited to announce we will now be offering Crystal Home Parties! We will bring the crystals, healing tools and fun! You invite your spiritual like minded friends and family and host your own Crystal Party!

A party includes:
  • Learning all about the properties of crystals and how they can help you.
  • A crystal quiz. Winner gets a prize!
  • How to choose your crystals.
  • Grounding techniques.
  • Crystals to purchase.
  • As the host you will recieve a FREE chakra balance at The Crystal Inn!

Gather 6 or more friends and we will bring all the crystals to your location! You and your guests will have a chance to interact with the crystals, and learn how to use crystals in their daily lives all in an atmosphere you love! When your guests arrive, we recommend you serve them light snacks, beverages of your choice, and make sure they all have a comfortable place to sit.

The party will last approximately 3 hours. 7-9pm. To book a party, please contact us at info@the-crystal-inn.co.uk