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Copper Pyramid Healing Sessions

By 26 July 2021Crystal Therapy

We are now offering Healing Sessions in our Nubian Copper Pyramid.

After a friendly consultation, you will be quietly seated inside the Pyramid with allocated crystals. You will need to remove any leather, jewellery and phones as this will cause a reverse effect. You will also need to have bare feet. (Please note this can not be used if you have a pace maker) There is a cushion or small stool if you prefer. The session will last 45 minutes and will involve various healing techniques.

The Pyramid offers super grounding and huge healing benefits.

Lowering blood pleasure
Increasing energy levels
Detoxifying the blood
Strengthening overall healing

Mentally / Emotionally:
Promoting positive thinking
Clearing unhealthy thought patterns
Encouraging self-development
Reducing stress
Deepening relaxation

Strengthening inner guidance
Increasing our affinity with nature
Deepenning our sense of unity
Guiding us on the path to enlightenment

Please message for more information

Please note that healing crystals and crystal healings are spiritual metaphysical information and are listed as a general information guide for those who are interested in this area. They are not in any way prescriptions or healthcare information and you should ALWAYS consult a doctor with any health care problems.