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How crystals can help with headaches!

By December 20, 2017 Uncategorized
From small nuisance pains to full-blown migraines, headaches can affect your life in a variety of negative ways. Headaches are often grouped in the “silent epidemics” of health problems, those rarely discussed, overlooked, often ignored issues that deserve greater attention and awareness. And what about the various painkillers used to lessen the pain and discomfort? Typical headache medicine usually involves ibuprofen, aspirin, caffeine or a combination of these substances. And while they can be effective in relieving pain, they are not a natural pain killer.
Have you ever thought of using crystals for headaches?
Often times, our headaches can be stress or tension related, coming on at the most inconvenient times when we have big deadlines or a huge “to do” list. When you feel a beginnings of a headache, step away from the computer and take a few minutes to just lay down, placing crystals for pain relief on and around your head.
One of the most powerful crystals for headaches is Selenite. Selenite crystals can be used for many different things, but healing headaches is one that may not often be thought of. Selenite healing properties have the ability to very quickly unblock any stuck or stagnant energy, to promote a smooth flow of positive energy. You can think of a headache like an energy blockage, and selenite facilitates the removal of this block and any negative energy.
I personally uses a Selenite stone as my go to crystal to alleviate pain from headaches. Laying flat on the ground, place Selenite crystals directly on your forehead and on the ground, around your head.
Many healers also use clear quartz stones and quartz crystal points for headache relief. Using a quartz point is particularly powerful in that it directs the negative energy and pain away from your body, releasing it through its point. If you find yourself with a headache, try sitting in a quiet space with the lights dimmed and hold a quartz crystal point to your forehead. You want the flat side to be touching your forehead and the point directing away.
The best healing stones for headache relief will differ from person to person, and you will have to experiment to see which ones work best for you!

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