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How to energetically & psychically protect yourself from negative influences!

By December 3, 2017 Crystal Therapy

If you often find yourself in situations and social environments that leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tense, or drained, you might be surprised to find out that these feelings may not be entirely your own!

Many, many people absorb the feelings, energies, and emotions of the situations and people they surround themselves in. This can happen anywhere, at work, at gatherings with friends, at the grocery store, at the mall, out to dinner, and even at home.

Simply put, you have an energy field that surrounds your physical body. Each person has a different levels of energy, and this can change through the day, with your mood, or with your life stages. Your energy field can extend a few inches to several feet, in all directions, surrounding your body in many layers – each layer interacting to affect your feelings, emotions, thinking, behaviour, and overall health.

With all of these layers in your energy field, affecting your emotions, thinking, health, and behaviour having another person’s energy in your space, can be quite damaging! You can begin to feel and think things that are not your own, feel tired or drained, or even become physically ill. However, there is a simple way to psychically shield and protect yourself from this:

The first step to protecting yourself from foreign energies, is to perform a grounding meditation. By grounding yourself, you are restoring your connection to the earth and bringing yourself a few moments of quiet to focus on yourself and your core. When possible go outside barefoot with your feet touching the earth.

Apply a protective shield
To apply a protective bubble, imagine your body and your aura, then imagine yourself being enveloped by either a white or purple bubble, whichever you choose. Imagine it firmly in place and completely surrounding your body – including above your head and beneath your feet.

It is always. good idea to sage your home and self using White Sage or Palo Santo. You can also sage your crystals to cleanse them. This will remove any negativity that has absorbed. You can use a feather to waft the smoke into the corners of each room as negative energy tends to sit there.

Carry protection crystals or stones
Crystals will absorb negativity, transmute it back into a balanced state or break it up in a way that makes it harmless. Some crystals will even shield you by cloaking you from the source of someones unhealthy attention or a psychic attack. Some of the best protectors are:

Tiger’s Eye
This golden crystal shields from manipulative psychic energies and disarms them at the source.

This crystal strengthens your shielding, it even looks like armour! It halts negative energies and pulls them down into the Earth for transmutation.

Black Tourmaline
It absorbs harmful energies and neutralises them instantly.

These fiery gemstones break up and burn away harmful energies.

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