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Heal your January blues!

By 7 January 2019May 1st, 2019Crystal Therapy

Are you feeling the January blues? or perhaps you constantly suffer with a lack of energy and low mood?

Did you know crystals can really help? They assist with injecting light into the body which raises your vibration, and when your body has a high vibration you will rarely get ill. A crystal therapy session will help clear a dark, muddy, heavy aura and realign the chakra system. When the chakra system is out of balance we can find ourselves focusing on the negative lower vibrational energies and negativity feeds more negativity. It has been said on numerous occasions that after a crystal therapy session you feel like a weight has been lifted. Carrying crystals with you will also help with your healing process. Bring the colour back into your life and book a session today! 

Crystal Therapy Sessions can help with:
Back pain
Constant aches and pains
Low energy
Recurring illness

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